Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rules of File Referencing

These rules apply to multi-person CAD & BIM projects using a file server

Folder Use

Files used for linking and referencing in a project should be placed in folders specifically designed for reference and linked files.
·         Do not link or reference files from archive folders.
·         Do not link or reference files from incoming, outgoing, sent or received correspondence type folders
·         Do not link or reference files from other projects.  The other project you link from may be archived and removed from the server before your project is finished.  Then all those linked files will be missing!
·         Do not link or reference files from your C-drive (Desktop, My Documents, My Pictures, etc) or any local computer drive.
·         Files shall be referenced only from the same network drive and project folder structure.

Folder and File Naming

Be consistent in your file naming.  Once you have a standard established keep it going.  Pay attention to what is going on and keep things consistent!

·         Files and folders with a date in the name should only be used for archive purposes.
·         Do not use files named with _copy in the name as current working files. 
·         Do not leave files named with _copy in the name within current work folders.
·         Keep file and folder names short when possible.  If folder and file names get too long, it can prevent files from being opened.   Long file names can be obnoxious and annoying anyway.

New work vs. Old 

·         Do not name files with the term new.   All active project files (linked or host) shall be considered as new work unless noted otherwise.
·         Do not name files with the term old.  Instead use the term obsolete.   Old can mean existing to remain or something other than obsolete.  Then move it out of the current work folder.

Following these rules will minimize confusion for anyone who is currently navigating through your projects, and in the future.

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