Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Webinar - Stepping Up From CAD to BIM

Check out my new webinar on the following...

  • Familiar Concepts – review of the concepts that exist in 2D CAD and ArchiCAD BIM software such as drafting tools, layers, modify tools and viewports on title blocks
  • New Concepts – exploit BIM-specific concepts like the shared model environment (Teamwork) and the single-model concept to make the most of your design
  • Work Environment – the “how to” portion – going over toolbars, palettes, keyboard shortcuts, etc.
  • Modeling – see how to model walls, doors and windows; objects and object creation; working in 3D by default
  • Teamwork – get up close demonstration of how to join a teamwork project, see how to send and receive, request and release, all to improve team communication and collaboration
  • Documentation: how 2D documentation is automatically generated and updated in the background while you create your Building Information Models
  • Navigation and Workflow: Project Map
  • Publishing to various formats (DWG, PDF, PMK, etc.)

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