Monday, March 11, 2013

ArchiCAD vs. Revit - 2D & 3D Modification Tools

Here is the second topic in my comparison between ArchiCAD 16 & Revit 2013.  The order of these topics is based on what I can get ready for posting first.  Some topics are easier than others, therefore they may be posted sooner.

I'm trying to be as objective as possible.  If I'm missing something or should reconsider a grade, please let me know...

Topic 2: 2D & 3D Modification Tools

2D - 3D Modify Tools
ArchiCAD Grade Revit Architecture Grade
Split Split multiple parallel elements at one time A Split one element at a time.  Sometimes it is difficult to select what you want,  if you are in a crowded space, as you cannot select the item first before invoking the command C
Break No Equivalent.  A workaround is to  trim between 2 line elements C- Break With Gap:  For walls only.  Gap size needs to be a number between 1/16" and 1'-0" C
Extend - Adjust | Trim/Extend Extend multiple items at same time.  Select items to extend then the element to extend to. A Extending multiple lines requires separate multiple cursor clicks C
Fillet - Intersect  & Fillet/Chamfer | Trim Extend to Corner Select 2 or more elements then start the command.  Prompted with a dialog to select Fillet or Chamfer.  Radius and chamfer size is entered in the dialog box. B Start the command then select elements.  Trim/Extend to Corner command is great for 0" raduis fillets.  A fillet with a radius requires to use the Fillet Arc option, found in the selection of drafting tools displayed for one of the line commands.  A bit confusing to the first time user who is looking for fillet command among the modify tools.   Start command then select linework.  Specify fillet radius in the options bar. Walls cannot be filleted directly with a raduis.  You need to draw 2D filleted linwork, then use the linework (Pick Lines option) to create the walls from. C
Trim/Extend Built-in keyboard shortcut via the Ctrl key.  Trim geometry on drawing, using one or 2 cutting planes.  Or define cutting edge on the fly within the command.  Trim multiple items at same time. A+ Trim multiple items, one click at a time.  Cannot trim between two cutting edges C-


  1. Break = Split with delete inner segment check box active in the options bar in Revit

    You can draw a wall using the fillet arc option for draw walls in Revit

  2. Revit wins in this round hands down with the use of one tool: Align

    CoBie adaptation in USA