Thursday, July 14, 2011

Revit Architecture 2011 Cares About Where You Are Coming From

If you need to create a new local file from the central file, Revit Architecture does not care about where you are, it cares about where you are coming from.  Revit is more concerned with how your drive letter is mapped, than to what the drive is mapped to.
Before you upgrade a central file from one version of Revit to another, make sure everyone has their project drive letter mapped exactly the same.

For instance. If your central file was created in a drive that was mapped via an IP address such as \\\Projects, and your computer is mapped to that same drive letter via \\Server-F01\Projects, (to the same exact server and folders), when you browse to the central file, Revit will not open the Create New Local box for you. You will need to fix the drive map accordingly, or browse to the file via the original path directly.
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